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Expecting an internal team to monitor your SOD conflicts is as resource intensive as it is risky. The smarter approach is to use an AI-powered solution designed specifically to monitor SoD violations.

1Trooper helps you to gain full visibility over sensitive data, applications, and systems within your organization and control access to them. This way you can increase your productivity without worrying about the security risks and misuse of responsibility.

It built around the four foundations of Access Governance, Identity Governance, Segration of Duties and Transaction Violation Tracker, which integrates with most modern ERP solutions.
Take The Control

Broader Visibility

Identify your organization’s most sensitive data and vulnerable accounts and gain visibility over them from a single vantage point.

Reduce Risk

Reduce the security risks by analyzing and evaluating the risks associated with managing valuable data and unauthenticated access to systems.

Streamline operations

Streamline your in-house and business operations by automating manual tasks such as providing access, account closures, and password resets.

Integrate Anywhere
Comprehensive Security

Access Governance

Get an oversight of who has access to what in your organization and control their access from a single point.


Identity Governance

Create, configure, manage, and authenticate digital identities for your employees and customers to ensure safe system interactions.


Segregation of Duties

Separate the roles and responsibilities of individuals and control their access to the accounts and systems to avoid inappropriate access.


Transaction Violation Tracker

Reduce the risk of misusing the roles to violate company policies by deploying an automated violation tracker tool.

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