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Oracle Database 21c – Blockchain Tables
oracle database 21c
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Oracle Database 21c answers the questions, "how can we use blockchain at the enterprise level?".

One of the recent advancements in Oracle technologies is Oracle Database 21c. This upgrade makes RDBMS more relevant than ever and offers more speed, flexibility and better datatype management. 

Oracle 21c features more than 200 new innovations including:  

  • In-Database Machine Learning AutoML
  • Immutable Blockchain Table
  • Graph Processing Optimization
  • In-Memory Optimization
  • JavaScript Support
  • Better JSON operations
  • Tighter Security 

You can find more details on new features in Oracle Database 21c here.

Blockchain Tables

The tech world has been waiting for the introduction of blockchain to the enterprise level eagerly. Why? Because blockchain technology has the ability to ensure trustworthy databases.

Oracle database 21c solves this problem with blockchain tables.

Source: Oracle

The rows in 21c’s blockchain tables are cryptographically hashed during data entry, making them unalterable in the future.

According to oracle, “this essentially creates an insert only table, and users are unable to update or delete Blockchain Table rows. In addition, users are also prevented from truncating data, dropping partitions or dropping Blockchain Tables within certain time limits.”

Simply put, this leverages the core functionality of blockchain technology and provides trustworthy record-keeping.

Stay tuned for more in this series on Oracle Database 21c. We’ll cover important new features in every post!