Oracle Database 21c: AutoUpgrades
oracle database 21c
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In the second post in our Oracle Database 21c series, we take a look at AutoUpgrades.

Oracle Database 21c introduces many new features. One such feature is ‘AutoUpgrades for Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) database’.


AutoUpgrades automates steps that were manual or scripted that had higher volume of human error. It prevents issues through analyzing and fixup modes, simplifies upgrades through deployment and upgrade modes, and deploys and upgrades Postupgrade checks and fixes.

The biggest difference between 21c and 19c’s AutoUpgrades is the tool used to check compatibility issues. In Oracle Database 19c “preupgrade.jar” is used before performing upgrades, which provides warnings when manual intervention is needed, as well as creating automatic fixup scripts. In Oracle 21c this tool has been changed to “autoupgrade.jar”, this tool can do pre/post fixups, manage instance states, and copy configuration files between homes.

Some of the steps that are automated are

  1. SRVCTL commands to stop and restart on multiple nodes
  2. Handling of CLUSTER_DATABASE
  3. Updating initialization parameter files
  4. Restarting services

Not only does this reduce manual error, but it also reduces the amount of work for DBAs.

However, there are specific parameters needed for AutoUpgrades to work. Your system must be a Linux of Unix-based system, meet the upgrade requirements, registered and managed through SRVCTL utility, and completed an Oracle Grid Infrastructure upgrade to the new release.

The AutoUpgrade utilizes 10 stages, of which the actions are defined by the processing mode that is selected for AutoUpgrades.

Processing Modes

  • Analyze
    • Setup, Prechecks
  • Fixups
    • Setup, Prechecks, Prefixups
  • Deploy
    • All ten stages
  • Upgrade
    • Setup, DB Upgrade, Postchecks, Postfixups

All four modes identify the actions for AutoUpgrade’s performance as it runs.

    • AutoUpgrade performs checks of the system
    • AutoUpgrade analyzes your Source Oracle home
    • This option is only available for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition releases
    • AutoUpgrade shuts down the database
    • AutoUpgrade performs the upgrade
    • AutoUpgrades merges Oracle home configuration files into the target Oracle home

Oracle Database 21c’s new and updated features save your company time, work, and more. Book an appointment with SoftArt to begin the process of moving to Oracle Database 21c.

This is the second post in a series on Oracle Database 21c. Read the first one on the new blockchain tables in Oracle Database 21c here.


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