Meet our prodigious team, the cornerstone of all our successful operations.

Superna Varma

Chief Executive Officer

Sanjay Varma

Chief Technology Officer

Sarth Varma

Director Of Operations

Viren Verma

Director Of I.T.

Manish Dishwar

Technical Consultant

Amol Kumtakar

Senior DBA | Project Manager

Mohan Kumar

Functional Consultant

Sreelakshmi Chennuru

Senior Principal Consultant

An Intuitive Team

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Working At SoftArt Has Always Felt Like A Second Home

SoftArt started off as a family-run business. But over the years of aggressive expansion, diverse hiring, and scaling up the operations, at the core, SoftArt still remains true to its initial values. At the workplace, we are not just coworkers, we are a close-knit family, striving to achieve the common goal of excellence. All of our internal decisions are made democratically. Our lines of communication are fully transparent at all times, and most importantly working at SoftArt feels like a second home. We extend this personal touch to all of our clients and partners and ensure that we are there to help at all points in time.